Ventilation pipe
Lavatory of porcelain

Compost bin, different sizes

Ventilation top

The insulated ventilation pipe from the compost bin should have its outlet above the highest point of the roof. It is especially important if self-ventilation is required.


The bathroom is ventilated through the lavatory.

Lavatory of porcelain


Kitchen waste


Insulated compost bin manufactured for individual requirements

The insulated bin can be made to measure with individual height and length.
The bottom can be declined. The bin is made of glass fibre re-inforced plastic in a sandwich construction with insulation in the middle.

The insulated bin has a removable top. On delivery no holes are made in the top for toilet-pipe and ventilation pipe. The holes can be placed anywhere on top.

The bin can be manufactured with warmfloor. Heating between +4 and +35 degrees centigrade increases the capacity.

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